August was hotter, drier here

Staff Report

After experiencing one of the summer’s traditionally hot months, local residents might be of the impression that August 2017 was much cooler, and drier, than usual.

Those folks would be right, and the statistics are in to prove that supposition.

One of the most-stunning revelations jumping out from a monthly report by Mount Airy’s F.G. Doggett Water Plant — the city’s official weather-monitoring station — involves the fact temperatures here last month overall were nearly six degrees cooler than usual for August.

The mercury averaged a pleasant 72.4 degrees, compared to the Mount Airy norm for the eighth month of the year, 78.3 degrees.

This was due partly to a trio of 53-degree readings that represented the low temperature for the month, logged on Aug. 1, 6 and 7.

On the other end of the scale was the high temp for August, which really wasn’t all that high: 90 degrees. It was recorded on four different days, Aug. 18 and Aug. 21-23.

Drier conditions

One might think that cooler summertime temperatures are accompanied by excess rain, which supplants intense sunlight, but last month’s coolness was achieved under less-precipitous circumstances.

Just 2.25 inches of rainfall was measured during August, well under Mount Airy’s all-time average for that month of 4.29 inches.

And a big chunk of that came on a single day, Aug. 13, when 0.72 inches was logged. In all, there were only nine days last month when measurable rainfall occurred.

Despite August’s lower output, the city’s precipitation total for the year is still 22.7 percent, or 7.19 inches, above normal, 38.35 inches compared to 31.66.

Fog was reported on three days last month.

Weather records have been kept in Mount Airy since 1924.

Staff Report