Pollsters change answers to get what they want?

Some of the greatest and most precious freedoms we have in this nation are the freedom of speech and a free press. We have the freedom to hold different opinions and to express them. We have a free press and unfettered access to the greatest accumulation of knowledge and opinion ever known in the history of humanity via the Internet.

One of the most commonly used tools to assess the opinions of the populace of this nation are polls conducted by various organizations. The results of these polls are used to form agendas and policies as concerned and involved citizens take their responsibility to participate our democratic republic seriously.

The ability to make well-informed decisions is undermined when the organizations who purport to gauge the opinions our society holds are not honest in their information gathering.

On Saturday a man came to my door and introduced himself as a representative of the Susan B. Anthony List, a 501c4 non-profit. He asked a few poll questions and, when he didn’t get the answers he clearly wanted or expected, mis-recorded my responses.

In what way is this helpful to anyone? Agree or disagree with your neighbor, at least be honest about the differences and open to the things on which we agree. Perhaps, then, we will find a constructive way forward together as Americans.

Kate Rauhauser-Smith

Mount Airy

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