Myers pulls ahead at Bowman Gray

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WINSTON-SALEM — It was a dream scenario for Burt Myers of Walnut Cove: not only did he perform well at Bowman Gray Stadium on Saturday, but his closest rivals ran into some bad luck.

Myers claimed the checkered in Saturday’s FOX8 WGHP 100, pulling ahead of the field as the race drew to a close.

“Today, we practiced on the tires we finished the last 100-lapper on,” Myers said. “We weren’t very good in practice on the stopwatch, but we wanted to get an idea of where we would be towards the end of the race. And I think we had a great idea of where we would be – and it showed up tonight.”

“This LFR chassis turns better than anything I’ve ever sat in, but that’s been hurting us here lately,” said Myers. “It turns so good that the car just over-rotates. So we’ve been gradually creeping up on it because a Modified that turns too good is unheard of.”

While Myers was leading the way, brother Jason Myers of Walnut Cove and Tim Brown of Tobaccoville were battling fiercely for second place. In a split second, Brown took a shot at the bumper of Jason Myers, the 4 car of Myers spun, and Brown was caught up in the wreckage.

Brown was forced to pit, giving him a 16th-place finish and dropping him from second in the points down to fourth. Jason Myers went to the rear and managed to climb back up to a seventh-place finish. It was enough to move him to third on the points rankings, but the points gap between him and his brother continues to get wider.

“You don’t wish bad luck on anybody, you just wish for you to have better luck – and tonight we did,” Burt Myers said.

However, he knows the championship is far from locked up.

“You’re never sitting pretty good. That last race of the year you fall out on the last lap and you can finish fourth.” he said. “We’ve been really solid this year, but all it takes is one back night to knock you down,” said Myers. “So we’re just going to keep trying and working hard and keep doing the normal things that we do that have put us in this position.”

In the Yates Grading & Paving Sportsman Series, Zack Clifton of Walkertown tangled with Michael Adams of Yadkinville for the lead in the first Sportsman race on Saturday. Tempers got heated, bumpers were dented, and Clifton dropped from the points lead down to second. Tommy Neal of Walkertown moved up from second to take Clifton’s place.

Top 20 Modified Point Standings


1 1 Burt Myers 475

2 77 Lee Jeffreys 418

3 4 Jason Myers 408

4 83 Tim Brown 402

5 53 John Smith 392

6 04 Brandon Ward 348

7 5 Randy Butner 323

8 50 Michael Clifton 292

9 66 Ronnie Clifton 264

10 18 Daniel Yates 255

11 27 Joe Ryan Osborne 248

12 16 Chris Fleming 246

13 87 Mike Speeney 238

14 2 Joseph Brown 198

15 71 Dean Ward 187

16 22 Jonathan Brown 162

17 76 Scott Gordon 153

18 69 Junior Miller 149

19 65 Danny Bohn 146

20 01 Jimmy Wallace 122

Staff Report

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