Hounds host 7-on-7 scrimmages

East Surry’s Tyler Smith returns for his senior year.

North Surry’s Colton Acord, seen making a catch at Mount Airy’s 7-on-7 last summer, is the Hounds’ leading returning receiver.

East WR Blake Marion makes it look easy in practice last summer. The senior is back after making 58 catches in his first two seasons on varsity.

North defensive coordinator Patrick Taylor (white shirt) addresses the team during a scrimmage last summer.

It might be June, but North Surry is hosting its third-annual 7-on-7 football scrimmage this evening.

Area teams East Surry, Forbush, West Stokes and Bishop McGuinness will join the Greyhounds, along with West Wilkes, McMichael and Northeast Guilford.

This year, North is shaking up the event by organizing a tournament format.

Head coach Danny Lyons said his players came to the coaching staff asking for the new format where the coaches actually keep score.

Similar to how AAU events are held, the eight teams will be split into two pools. Teams will play all three opponents in their pool in order to determine seedings for the championship round.

Including the title round and consolations, each team will get five scrimmages, Lyons said.

There were some coaches who didn’t the idea of keeping score, he said. They want to use the summer to work on things without any pressure to succeed. However, he said the teams that are coming are excited about it because it gets their competitive juices flowing and can bring out the best in them.

The offense will get the ball at the 40-yard line, he described. The team has four chances to advance to the 20-yard line; if it does, then it gets a first down and four more chances to reach the end zone. No punts, no field goals.

If a team scores, a TD is worth six points. Then the conversion attempt can either be from the typical, close spot for one point; or the offense can try for two points from the 10-yard line.

It would be hard for any defense to stay with the receivers if the quarterback has all day to throw, noted Lyons. So in order to make it feel more realistic, the QB has four seconds to throw the ball, or the play will count as a sack.

The scrimmage won’t have any tackling or blocking, so receivers will be “down” where they are touched by the defense.

The scrimmages go on for 30 minutes with a running clock.

There will be officials on the field keeping the sack count and marking players down, he said. Not only will there be a few officials to man the field, Lyons heard that the local officiating body will be there, using the event as a practice for the referees, too.

North Surry will compete in a pool with Forbush, Bishop and Northeast Guilford. East Surry goes against West Stokes, West Wilkes and McMichael.

For the Hounds, Lyons said Avery Smith was the JV quarterback last year and has taken most of the reps in summer workouts. The coach said he and his staff like where the junior is headed.

North also will give some snaps to sophomore Brent Crouse and senior Luke Mauldin. As for targets, the biggest name back is Colton Acord.

East Surry has Tyler Smith returning at quarterback, fresh off a highly successful season with the baseball team as a pitcher.

The event kicks off at 5:30 p.m. There will be a $3 entry fee. The concession stand will be open for purchases.