Living by the numbers

Rev. Tim Burton

When I was growing up my mom used to buy me books where you colored a picture by the numbers. When you were finished, if you followed the numbers correctly, you would have a beautiful picture to display.

If we look in the scriptures we can see some numbers that if we will live by them, they will produce a beautiful, godly life to be displayed. Let us look at those numbers.

• Number one – This number speaks of a couple of things one must have in their life. It speaks of a personal relationship with the Lord. The only way to have a beautiful life is to receive Jesus as your savior and then allow Him to be Lord of your life.

It also speaks of what one must believe, because scriptures teaches us that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” John 14: 6. It shows that we believe that there is only one way to heaven and that is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God. So if we are to have a beautiful life, we must live by the number one.

• Number three – In the scriptures we find that Jesus had three disciples that seemed to be his most trusted friends. They were Peter, James and John and when you read the Bible we find they would be present with Jesus when the others were not.

This number three shows us that as we go through life we will have many friends, but there will be just a few that will be the true trusted friends that you can count on and that can count on you. These are the friends that you can share your inner most feelings, concerns and desires. They are the ones that will hold you accountable to your morals, beliefs and your faith. They are the ones that will help you face your shortcomings and encourage you so you can produce a beautiful life.

• Number 12 – Jesus had twelve disciples that followed him during his time of ministry on earth.

This number represents a couple of groups of people. These are people that we socialize with as we go through life, those that we spend time with, go out to eat with and enjoy one another’s company. We usually like the same things and follow the same set of morals and beliefs in the Lord.

This number also represents people with whom we work toward common goals. We have goals to try to make a difference in the world around us and our desire is to serve the Lord. These friends will help us have a beautiful life when we choose these friends carefully.

• Number 120 – In Acts 1 we see there were one hundred and twenty gathered together in the upper room praying and seeking the Lord.

This number represents the local church family that we all need in our lives. Church families are those that will be there for us during the bad times of life and celebration of the good times of life. If we are to experience a beautiful life then we must be part of a church family that will encourage us, exhort us, and help us as we walk through this life.

• Number 3000 – In Acts 2 we see that Peter preached and 3,000 souls were saved that day.

This number represents all the people that we will impact in our lifetime. Every day we come in contact with so many different people and our lives and actions impact them whether it is good or bad. We must be reminded that people are watching our lives and we must strive to live a life that shows that Jesus has made a difference in us, so they will want to have Him in their lives. Making a godly and positive impact on others will make our life beautiful.

When the picture of our life comes to an end, will it be considered one that is beautiful because we have lived by the numbers?

Rev. Tim Burton

Rev. Tim Burton is pastor of Flippin Memorial Baptist Church.

Rev. Tim Burton is pastor of Flippin Memorial Baptist Church.

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