Reader: continue fighting ACA

To the Editor,

So your advice to the people of Surry County and in essence the American people is just to give up, let it go, learn to accept defeat when it comes to the ACA.

Is this the new American way? Get knocked down, don’t get up, just stay down and learn to deal with your new station in life. Horse hockey! That is not and never will be the reaction of the majority of citizens in a nation based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Your statement that all Americans have a right to insurance is absolutely correct but what you and those who back the ACA fail to admit is the fact that this right existed prior to the ACA. No one has ever been told they do not have the right to purchase health care. What we as Americans do not have a right too is to expect our neighbors to provide us something that we are just as capable of providing ourselves.

Of course you and those like you will continue to use the entitlement hammer to fashion a nation of self reliant weaklings who depend on an all providing government. Equal opportunity is not good enough for the intellectual elite; you believe our nation’s founding documents should have read “everyone shall be equal in all things.” Our founders were in pursuit of a more perfect union; yet those who extol the virtues of big brother socialism think they can build a perfect crystal.

I’ll let you in on a little known fact that is not recognized by both far left and right ideologs; man has never created anything perfect and never will. You believe that accepting defeat and taking the bait (money) from the federal government is the right thing to do when it comes to Medicaid. How do you think our over bloated bureaucracies feed themselves? They bait their hook with a little money and watch all the fish take the bait and they will keep fishing until all you large mouth suckers are caught along with the others you have duped into swimming in your school of thought.

If our founders and their fellow colonist had went with the flow, as you suggest, and not decided to swim upstream, just accept the crumbs of King George, it is my belief that the we nor the world would have ever heard the bell of liberty. You are wrong.

I guess you do not remember the words of a gentleman named Jim Valvano; “Never give up, don’t ever give up.” And don’t tell me he was talking about bodily cancer alone; what do you think big government is? A cancer to our pursuit of happiness, our liberties, and our life. Freedom, true freedom comes from self reliance not dependency; so don’t ask your readers to line up for their liberty shackles. When it comes to liberty ask your readers to “never give up, don’t ever give up.”

James D. Wagner

Mount Airy

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