‘Andy’ performances over Barter

Instead of just living off of the Andy Griffith show reruns, why doesn’t Mount Airy invest in keeping the show “alive”?

Here’s a suggestion: It should be fairly easy to hire a group of Andy Griffith Show impersonators (you see some at Mayberry days each year) to periodically stroll the streets, stores, and restaurants in the downtown section and interact with visitors, take pictures with them, and make them feel like they are part of the “show,”

On weekends and holidays, local actors (volunteer and/or paid) could re-enact selected episodes from the show at the Andy Griffith Playhouse or at the Earle.

It shouldn’t be extremely expensive and it would definitely make it fun to visit Mount Airy (Mayberry) while keeping the Andy show alive. Our local arts council and the drama groups at the local high schools and Surry Community College could manage and stage the events. It would provide great experience for future actors and people interested in the performing arts.

There would be hurdles to cross, among them are the royalties and intellectual rights fees; plus ensuring that the actors involved maintain high standards of credibility for the roles they portray.

This should be much less expensive than the Barter proposal and a lot less risky.

This suggestion is so obvious that I’m sure it has been discussed before; but, in the shadow of an impending $13 million dollar Barter decision; maybe it’s time to see if it makes sense now.

Calvin Douglas

Mount Airy