Reader asks city to reconsider

To the Editor,

I hope Mount Airy Mayor Rowe and the city commissioners will reconsider their recent decision to not rezone in order for the Shepherd’s House to expand. It is needed and funded and in an excellent location both for the homeless and the community. It is near the police station and that can be a good relationship both ways. The public library is nearby with computers for resumes and job searches. Jobs are more likely to be in walking distance for residents. Volunteers would know where it is.

In Greensboro the IRC (Interactive Resource Center) for the homeless is near the downtown. Crime has actually decreased in Greensboro.

I would be more proud of Mount Airy if there wasn’t such a concern to look good but rather to actually be good. In the long run we would be a community that openly deals with problems instead of hiding them. Then we would truly be a good neighbor.

Becky Blake

Mount Airy