Proud in so many ways

To the Editor,

It seems like yesterday that North Surry High School started its girls’ soccer program in 1995 and I was there to watch my daughter begin her only sports program with that first match.

I think back now, I was not alone in not understanding the game. My first game, I remember other parents shouting to “push up,” which I was very proud to shout along with them and when it seemed too quiet, I shouted “push up.”

Reading the paper throughout the years leading up to this year’s team, I found myself just as proud of that first match and calling out that “push up” and am so proud in so many ways. Proud of the school starting this program, proud of that first match and team and teams over the years, proud of dedicated coaches and there talents, proud of the parents that supported all those matches, and proud of this year’s team along with their accomplishments and proud of the upcoming seasons ahead.

“Push on” hounds!

Nick Jarrell

Mount Airy