Reader takes issue with column

To the editor,

I have some very obvious problems with this column.

I read in several reputable publications that the trial mentioned seemed fair and supported the jury decision in the face of tremendous political pressure, (NYT, USATODAY, WashPost,and other online sources) Race and politics do not determine guilt. Facts do. Note the defendant was an undocumented immigrant. Public defender? Not high priced ‘bought innocence’ you imply.

The different justice by rich and poor is not a California problem, a nationwide problem. Getting worse and worse. Only in a very few high visibility cases do the less than wealthy have the high priced defense you mention. At $500/hour, it is obvious

Mr Joyce might take a moment to read the editorial on the same page, next to his column. It more strongly makes my last point.

I think Mr Joyce’s rightward leaning is showing.

Fred Norman