City resident: Commissioner should look at self

To the Editor

I am writing in regards to your article regarding commissioner chastises board (Yokeley chastises fellow board member, Mount Airy News, June 17). It is interesting to hear these comments coming from this commissioner. The time has come to this to be addressed by those who vote.

These issues should have been addressed between the board privately and not publicly. This does not improve the situation nor is it appropriate way to address your fellow commissioners. Prior to the appointment of the redevelopment commission and the resignation of prior mayor, this was not the environment. These changes began when this commissioner became acting mayor, operating with questionable motives, hence the last election loss. Until that point in time the other commissioners were not aware of the motives or the methods this particular commissioner operated with. The board took this commissioner at face value and trusted his word.

The current environment is a product of the commissioner’s actions and the board appears to have decided, they can no longer take the commissioner’s word at face value. Board members are always going to have differences, and that is why the processes may take eight times to prepare a city budget. The commissioners’ job is to question the information presented and what is the best way to spend the taxpayers’ money.

If the commissioner wants to see the board function properly I would hope he would take a look at his actions and understand how those actions have precipitated the current environment. He has created this situation and it is time either he corrects it or steps aside as he has asked others to do to provide better leadership for our city.


Gene Clark

Mount Airy

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