To the Editor,

If it weren’t so resoundingly unfair, I’d be amused at the steady chorus of anti-Trump rhetoric emanating from nearly every media outlet in America — from The New York Times to The Mount Airy News (with Andy Winemiller’s recent musings about his personal “political identity crisis” being the latest addition to the Republican establishment’s vociferous and ubiquitous attack strategy).

Fortunately, despite your best collective efforts to paint Donald Trump as a racist, xenophobic “con man,” his pragmatic ideas — including those about how to control illegal immigration, attempt to identify would-be religious terrorists, and correct the economy — are being heard by millions of well-educated realists who don’t give a fig about “party affiliation” and will continue to vote for Trump, the only candidate unafraid to speak the sad truth about the country’s crushing, unsustainable financial debt and the cowardice of sitting legislators to act responsibly because they remain paralyzed by the scourge of “political correctness.”

(By the way, I did vote for Obama eight years ago — and if you want to target an actual “con man,” you should readjust your focus on him!)

Rebecca Harmon

Mount Airy

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