Reader: No surprise in GOP direction

Concerning Andy Winemiller’s column ‘My Political Identity Crisis’ on the Editorial page of the Mount Airy News of March 9, 2016: I share your concern about the honesty, trustworthiness and vulgarity of Mr. Trump. I work with a group of 50 or so men, blue collared for the most part, in their 60 and 70s. We have many opportunities to chat. They like Mr. Trump, rough edges and all. They feel he is ‘saying’ what ‘pc’ prevents the Republican mainstream from saying. Of course, they also listen to Limbough, Hannity, Bauer, Savage, O’Reilly, and believe every word.

You express concern that yours has “become a party controlled by people who are really mad and have no concept of what a good candidate ought to look like.”

Considering the number of low socioeconomic, blue collar workers in this country, and the above primary sources of information, along with the disagreeable presses by Mr. Bohner, now Mr Ryan, and Mr. McConnell, who have deliberately and loudly obstructed every move by President Obama, and the Democratics, why are you surprised?

If it is not contempt and hate expressed by these duly elected officials, ie. ‘you lie’, without any real admonishment by his party, the widespread support for questions about Mr Obama’s citizenship and religious beliefs, they (and I) are very fooled. I expect you are politically aware to know the Republican accusations about the President are false concerning lame duck nominations, and confirmation, of SCOTUS appointees, number of Presidential Declarations, attendance at FLOTUS funerals, etc. If “your beloved party” leaders ever make a correction it is to an empty chamber, or an interview on page 6 of an unkown radio talk show host.

While this is going on, your party is working hard for smaller government, which means lower taxes and lower spending which means spending cuts. Public education gets less and less money and support every year. How long until it disappears? DOT expenditures are decreasing, there go roads and bridges. EPA is disappearing as your party gains power and defunds it. Pollution of air and water is already worsening, and just wait for it to get worse (see China).

I have never heard a conservative, or Republican, mention any real workable plan, suggestion for a real workable plan to establish either work at a livable wage, or meaningful support, for the millions like me (Mr Romney’s 47 per cent.) Your small government goal is already cutting or eliminating all forms of “welfare.”

So, has your “crisis” come up with a plan for me and mine, and the millions of us lower middle class and lower socioeconomic classes?

Fred Norman


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