Repeating history with Trump?

The world once knew a charismatic leader who wooed his country into believing that people of a certain religious faith were a danger to the people of his country. They were rounded up and slaughtered like livestock and now the world has to ask why would the German people allow and participate in the Holocaust.

In World War 2 a frightened American government rounded up innocent Japanese Americans and incarcerated families including their young children. We are now embarrassed to think that our government could act in such an unjust way.

History teaches us now that such actions are horrible acts against innocent persons of a different race, nationality, or religion. We are now faced with a popular presidential candidate preaching the same crap and suggesting that we treat a people of a certain religious faith differently because of the actions of a few radicals within their faith.

History teaches us not to go down Mr Trump’s road! It is truly frightening to think that Mr. Trump’s ideas can even gain traction here in the United States. Fellow American’s should denounce his crazy thinking.

Ken Klamfoth

Mount Airy

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