Cam Newton not perfect, but does a lot of good

Tom your article on Cam Newton was so offensive to me. Your lack of knowledge about Cam Newton was deplorable and to call him a “loser” was rock bottom…

The power of positive thinking is an important thing and by choosing the #1 he is showing belief in himself and makes others believe him. So what you see as arrogance I see as confidence. In the past, several players have chosen the #1. Warren Moon, Houston Oilers and Jeff George for the Atlanta Falcons both wore the number one as well as several kickers.

At the age of 26 Cam just signed a five year contract with an annual salary of $ 20,760,000.00.That kind of money would make any person feel like Superman.

In today’s society of being politically correct you can’t even win and have fun celebrating without offending someone.

And the lady who took her daughter to a football game and was offended by Cam’s dance moves but didn’t have a problem with beer drinkers and half-naked cheerleaders that are at the games. Really, give me a break.

Elvis was made famous by pelvic thrust and an arrogant strut.

This is part of football and you see it during most games.

Your comparison to Brady tells me that you are a New England fan and I am not taking anything away from Brady. He is an awesome player and at age 38 should be more mature than Cam, but don’t criticize Cam for having fun. Winning feels good.

Good things about Cam you missed.

He has several charity organizations that he has started or funds, such as The Super Cam club that raises funds for education of children and All Star teams for high school players. He is involved in The Make a Wish foundation and many others, just to mention a few; the list goes on and on. If you watch during a Panthers game you will see Cam give a ball to a kid in the stands after a touchdown. What a story they have to tell.

One of the most touching stories I have heard was about Elijah, a 10-year-old that is battling cancer. The doctors weren’t sure he would make it until Halloween so the community arranged him a block party. Cam heard that Elijah was a fan so he rented an ice cream truck and drove an hour to provide treats and spend time with him. On 11/22/15 Elijah was on the sideline at the game and Cam was there giving him high fives.

Now I don’t know what Tom or others do for charity and Cam might not be perfect but he is earning a Super Man status with the kids and others that are watching.

The most impressive thing Cam does, if you care to watch, he will close his eyes before he begins playing and shows the world what he believes in.

Annette Handy

Mount Airy


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