Not so fast on Cam criticism

To the editor,

Your editorial on Cam Newton, “A Winner Who’s A Loser” is a prime example of ill-informed, opportunistic journalism.

Cam’s an easy target because he does terrible things like play football tremendously well, give footballs to elated kids, dance a few moves in the end zone to celebrate touchdowns (of which he has many) and heads up his own foundation that helps kids in Charlotte and Atlanta connect to their communities. He has never been guilty of taking performance-enhancing drugs or domestic violence, a rampant problem in the NFL.

Meanwhile, the quarterback you chose to compare him to has no community foundation, charges exorbitant fees when speaking to non-profits, and is forever shrouded in a black cloud of cheating. Citizens expect their local newspaper to editorialize in a thoughtful way while employing critical thinking. Somehow, you’ve done a masterful job of avoiding either.

Steve Lindsley


Editor’s Note: The piece in question, “A Winner Who’s A Loser,” is a personal column, as clearly labeled, reflecting the opinions of a single individual. It was not, as the letter writer claims, a staff editorial or in any way editorializing by the Mount Airy News.

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