Reader upset over dog tether law

To the Editor,

Monday night, Sept. 21, I attended the Commissioners’ meeting in Dobson along with a number of concerned citizens in support of a local animal rescue group who wish to ban the cruel practice of chaining dogs outside. Several people spoke eloquently of the suffering these animals endure—no water, food, or shelter during the coldest days of winter, no protection against other animals that attack them, and perhaps the most heartbreaking of all, no human contact or kindness.

The rescue group made great effort to specify they do not want to ban the reasonable tethering of dogs outside. They requested that a task force be established to look into the more excessive forms of restraining dogs.

I was shocked to learn that this appeal had been brought to the Commissioners’ attention over ten times, and still no action has been taken to solve this cruel and unsettling problem. There was no mention of any of this in the recent Mt. Airy News article regarding the Commissioners’ meeting.

I do not see how it is possible to continue to ignore the suffering of creatures who merely want to love us.

Jane Tesh

Mount Airy

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