Motorist grateful for local help

To the Editor,

I am happy for the opportunity to be able to say thank you to some local citizens, some exceptionally kind and friendly people who had come to our fair city for a visit, and to a member of the Mount Airy police dept.

A few days ago, my husband was going through town when he had a blowout in front of the Andy Griffith Play House. He was able to pull into the Play House drive way. It was mid-day and it was very hot.

He was having some difficulty lowering the spare tire from under the back of the car. Numerous people stopped to offer him their help. Some were locals, some were visitors, and one was a city detective.

Our jack was not able to raise the car high enough to remove the blown tire. Detective Paul Barker had noticed our dilemma and had stopped to offer his help. He was able to get a hydraulic jack and got right in the middle of that hot and dirty job; in just a few minutes the job was done.

Our city detective certainly didn’t mind one bit getting down on that hot parking lot, man handling that old dirty spare, and helping finish up the job.

I didn’t get the names of all who stopped to offer their help. Some were in their professional business clothes, others in their everyday clothes, but all simply and genuinely offered their help unconditionally.

We would like to say a sincere and genuine “thank you” to all that helped and to all that offered to help.

Justine Timmons

Mount Airy

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