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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reports city officials admit the Spencer’s revitalization project downtown is behind schedule, we received these comments at

Numanic: Wait no! If only there had been a group with a strong vision that could have led this project? If only we could have had a group including successful buisness owners that could have known what kind of issues come up in remodeling old properties? Does anyone else find it odd that Gene Rees is making great headway on his part of the same property but, this board can’t move it forward? Oh well.

john pritchard: I’m guessing “numanic” is referring to the former RDC group as the group with “strong vision”. In an effort to gain control of the city board at last election, RDC supporters tried their “vision” plan in the court of pubic opinion. The public did not care for it at all and all of their candidates lost. As to Mr. Rees, his plans are different in many ways from those of the former RDC ; with a major difference being he does not ask for any city money.

LindaLea: Anyone who was ever involved in commercial lending would have know the problems created by those underground tanks. EPA standards can be a nightmare. I had asked the question if a study had been done on that property.

joe h: More waste of taxpayers money. They should have just auctioned the place off

River Pirate: They did.

In responst to a staff editorial, in which The Mount Airy News took issue with city Commissioner Steve Yokeley for voting against an appropriation for spending money on parking lot upgrades at Reeves Community Center, yet refusing to disclose why he was voting no, we received these comments:

moreen richards: Maybe he’s both. Could be pitching childish fit and also feeling superior everyone else. Isn’t he also the commissioner who was recently in the paper for coming up with some absurd $30 million dollar list of things to spend on? I remember he ran for Mayor in last city election and lost. I’d say we dodged a bullet then, but a recent article showed his seat comes up for re-election this November.

Scott Sutton: Yokeley,, hahaha the punch line to a bad joke….Yokeley

seewill: I would like to hear his reasonings. We (the public) don’t have the time or his resources to know where to look. I won’t throw stones because he’s a fine man. In response to an article by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he reported State Sen. Shirley Randleman, R-Wilkes County, had introduced legislation that would allow counties to impose an additional sales tax up 1/2-cent, with the money going to local schools, we received these comments:

seewill: What is happening to the education lottery money? When you present a request for more money tell us first what you’re spending the money already allocated for education on. How much is the state contributing to the schools? Has their share gone down because of the lottery money or do they include that as their share?

moreen richards: Just some more tax and spend and county commissioners are all for it. No matter how much tax money or lotto money the schools get they keep whining for more. And then asking for things like spending $1.6 MILLION for a super duper new central office to house all the highly paid but useless “directors” of this and that. Let’s get back to teaching kids to read and write English, cut out the administration FATCATS, and get back in touch with the real world the average taxpayer has to live in.

joe h: Raleigh is blowing lottery money on stupid stuff as usu

seewill: They have to defend the bathroom law and make sure that nobody pays a higher minimum wage than they allow you to.

randy cave: I thought the state lottery would ease the financial burden placed on schools. Is there any money from this coming to Surry County? The name, Educational Lottery, is how this was Okayed by North Carolina citizens…

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