American Indian: Local racism absolutely real

To the Editor,

I am writing this from an American Indian perspective. I am a full-blooded Lumbee Indian. I am the son of sharecroppers. I have lived in Surry County for 40 some years and yes it is very racist. I have dealt with racism in school and been called names. I have dealt with racism in sports, not getting the playing time because of who I was and what I was — an American Indian born on this my native land.

I have dealt with racism in the work place with NC DOT not getting promoted because of nepotism and racism, I can say names but they know who they are. I’ve worked on jobs with two local construction companies and I can honestly say I know firsthand they create a racist environment.

I have faced racism from the local law enforcement racially profiling me and stopping me for no reason. Yes, my life in Surry County has been a struggle, but it is a struggle that I’ve withstood because I am what the great spirit made only a few — a few a proud American Indian.

Joel M. Rogers


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