Trumps reaction to Sen. Lewis appalling

To the Editor,

Speaking as a white uneducated voter, I find President Elect Trump’s comment of Senator Lewis appalling. The immediate tweet that revealed a leader with obvious stereotypes of an African-American’s district was “crime infested” before learning Lewis represents an upper middle class neighborhood. And later saying he should concentrate on the “inner-cities,” shows the embodiment of division and ignorance of a man that will soon be president. “All talk no action!” Give me a break; Lewis marched with King and suffered a cracked skull in Selma.

I see protest across our state and nation, but let’s not forget where it counts, the ballot box. That’s exactly what happened in the Civil Rights Movement. And we just can’t afford to not learn from history or return to back racism stone ages. As Martin Luther King Jr. himself exclaimed, “judged by the content of our character.”

Sure, I accept the outcome of the election, but I also plan on returning to the ballot box to express my views and values.

Jeff Campbell

Mount Airy

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