You Said It

You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a story written by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he details plans by Mount Airy officials to have an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the recently finished greenway connector, we received these comments at our website,

NCreader23: A wonderful asset for our city and money well spent! Kudos to all involved with the planning, grant writing, and construction of these greenways.


In response to an article by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he quotes Surry County officials saying a proposed extension of the interstates sewer line may not come to fruition. One of the three property owners who must pay the cost of the extension has said he cannot come up with the money by the deadline of Oct.. 26. We received these comments:

michael keen: You want development but wont help come Surry County that is why you struggle with economic growth and development.



In response to an article by Andy Winemiller, detailing a Facebook posting by Thomas Jackson, a member of the Mount Airy Surry County Airport Authority, in which Jackson verbally attacks individuals in the community, using profanity and saying he will dance on the grave of one of them, we received these comments:

Larry: I knew Brad Thomas and distinctly remember the compassion he had towards the airport. The fact that we now have a board member who is “joking” about jumping on his grave is disgusting. Can’t we get better appointed officials to run the airport and handle our hard-earned money?

concernedcitizen: Jackson names 4 different people that have had problems with the board, currently and the over last few years. That should tell you something, there is a problem with the board members. Its time for a change Mount Airy/ Surry County!

james burnes: What an embarrassment for Mt Airy and Surry County! White trash would only say morbid things like that and then attempt to justify their reasoning. The Airport Board is crooked as Hillary and need to be replaced or things will never improve…Grudge holders can not be good leaders!!!! Mr Rowe change is needed. The old why can’t we get along is a saying for Mayors without backbone.

Undercover Angel: Pathetic! Ashamed and still ashamed!! He needs to be replaced!!


In response to a column by editor John Peters, in which he laments the lack of manners by individuals parking in fire lanes, lots marked for employees only, and general bad behavior by people when it comes to parking, we received these comments on our website,

Undercover Angel: I don’t have a problem with “not” parking in places of employment but seriously …you have this town, who wants people to visit, charge 5-10 dollars to park??? Seriously??? I am sickened!!

JLJ: I think a good proposal would be to find an empty lot or two somewhere in the city and have a shuttle going back and forth all day.

Melissa: The Lowe’s Foods parking lot alone could provide a large chunk of the funding. I live on a one way street and since Friday people have been going down it way over the speed limit and up it the wrong way. Since this weekend is a festival some people seem too think the the rules don’t apply and common cutesy is a thing of the past. When walking thru the festival you run into clumps of people in the middle of traffic just standing there and chatting with their friends. It is all well and good that you see someone you know and want to talk to them but please step to the side so others can get thru.

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