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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce reporting on a public hearing conducted by the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners, giving an update on plans for development of the former Spencer’s textile complex downtown, we received these comments on our website,

Terry Hill: So, where are the ideas? We still have a four star hotel with no guests and upscale apartments that no-one can afford!

Linda Sue: This is typical of those in many towns/cities running things. Pay out bundles of cash to repeatedly study a problem rather than actually take steps to solve it !! So are the elected officials afraid of doing something wrong ? Or is it that others with a little power/influence in town are not getting what they want ?? Or worse, is there something questionable going on behind the scenes ??

bob vincent: Terry made good points. Linda I think it’s the part you said about the power group..

Will: The same people who questioned the motives of those running for office and wanting progress by supporting the RDC are now wanting to know why nothing has been done!!! Ha!!! You voted for antiquated, simpletons with no business experience to represent our town in a time where we needed new ideas and a fresh start. Those who stood for progress and forward thinking were called out as hired hands and now that nothing has been done you question the delays?? Seriously?? Everyone who voted against the RDC is responsible for this lack of progress and current stagnation in our town. This is what you voted for. Congratulations.

bob vincent: sounds like a sore loser.

Will: No one can afford? All of the apartments in Gene’s part of the Spencer’s building are already sold!!! And Bob, I didn’t lose anything. The city did. Big time. But I guess you could say I’m pretty sore about it. great response, though.


In response to a column by assistant editor Jeff Linville, in which he decries the “dumbing down of America,” we received these comments on our Facebook page:

Larry Kizer: Excellent article on a situation that is seldom discussed. I agree that our education system has deterated since my days at MAHS. The era of teaching to be able to pass a mandated test seems to have limited the ability to teach a wide variety of subjects which encourage critical thinking. Curiosity is a lost trait. Sincerely hope there is a turn around soon.

Michael Hull: “Deteriorated”. Let us grammar properly, while discussing a poor education system.

Larry Kizer: Michael Hull Spell check got me. My bad.

Michael Hull: Is it dumbing down, or are people educated far beyond their ability for analytical thought?

Seems to me there are many educated people running Mount Airy, and Surry County, but not a single one has exhibited an ounce of the brain power required to bring this area out of the 1970’s.

When the vast majority of the population in this area believe the story of Noah’s Ark to be accurate history and scientifically valid, it becomes extremely hard to claim that population is being dumbed down by an education system that has produced the greatest scientific achievements the world has ever known.

Lenore Hutchens: To much religion going on in your opinion.

Peggy Morgan: I have often said that I think we are living in a “Jerry Springer” world where people will do and say anything to get a few seconds of fame on TV and now the internet. I really do not think I will live to see the ‘turn around’. With the current mentality of lots of people looking to be taken care of without lifting a finger, wanting free stuff and not willing to work to get it, hope for a better world is almost lost. Good article, Jeff. Well said and so sad that it is the truth.

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