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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a story by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he reported on comments by Surry County Economic Development Partnership President Todd Tucker during a recent Surry County Board of Commissioners meeting, we received these comments at

MountAiryNC: This is not something new. Todd Tucker says this in every meeting and is quoted as saying this in this same newspaper for years and years. Look back and see. It’s in here. And you know what, he’s right. We have a serious problem with drug problems here in Surry County. Most cannot pass a drug test anymore, and if they can pass it, then many do not stick around past the first paycheck. Yes, we do have low pay here, but it is also lower cost of living too, and a slower pace of life, which I am okay with. That is why I live here instead of somewhere else. This is why I moved here.

P S: If what Tucker says is true, why are we wasting money on him?

khewn: It’s not very difficult to see how Mr. Tucker feels about Surry County citizens. He obviously doesn’t believe in the product he’s selling. So maybe Mr. Tucker should find another one. If he would care to observe the hundreds of vehicles headed south on Hwy 52 every morning, he would find that there isn’t a shortage of capable workers in the county. Just a lack of any meaningful jobs to keep them here. It appears that the real problem is an absence of an effective salesperson to market our resources.

joe h: They need to fire tucker and close down the EDP. It just wasted money.The big wheels of the county don’t want high paying jobs as the area afraid someone else might have more money than they do.Its been known several companies that pay good money wanted to come here but that got shut down in a hurry

Baba Booey: Surry county doesn’t want high paying jobs. Who’d do all the $7-$9 hr work then? God forbid!!!

brenster: …I mean. the guy right ? I have a feeling there may be some truth in what he is saying … have you ever tried to hire someone to work for you ? if you have ….you may agree with him more than not . Don’t shoot the messenger.

NCreader23: It is really hard to argue for keeping the EDP going and funding it if it is indeed hopeless to try to recruit businesses to Surry County. Why keep fishing if you have no bait on the hook?

I understand our workforce is as he says (and I don’t doubt his information about the “three tests”). It’s really sad that our local economy is as bad as it is. I know of several people who will not work in a full-time job because then they will have to pay for health care and will lose their other benefits. They are better off sitting at home and just “waiting for the checks to come in”.

We created this mess, and now we are reaping the rewards of it.

Terry Hill: Talk about shooting the messenger!!!


We received these comments in response to a story by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which North Carolina Rep. Sarah Stevens and State Sen. Shirley Randleman explain and defend their votes in favor of HB2, the so-called “bathroom” bill adopted during a special one-day session of the General Assembly. In the story, Stevens also took issue with Paypal pulling out of a planned development in Charlotte in protest over the bill.

Scott Sutton: Ok Ms. Stevens point taken.. I myself am more concerned with the guy in wife beater tee shirt hanging around outside restrooms. But what about ALL the sneaky issues in HB2?? Exemption in State Minimum wage Laws… Taking legal ramifications OUT of State Courts and forcing petitioner to file ONLY in Federal Courts. .C’mon Sarah ,, You and Mrs. Randleman both know this has NO buisness in HB2. .. NCGA as usual jumped the gun and now Berger and his dummy McCrory are going to cost NC billions of lost revenue. Over bathrooms…… Really?

Peter Templeton: I agree that HB2 was minimally related to repairing Charlotte’s ill-conceived restroom initiative. The other unrelated focus was about using one issue to drive another agenda. Read any summary of the bill and you might see my point.

Jeri: Pay Pal doesn’t have transgender bathrooms in their facilities so why should we. This entire thing got started by a convicted pedophile who just happens to be on the board that passed this stupid thing in the first place. What Gov. McCrory signed was to put the decision back on the companies to either have these types of bathrooms and locker rooms and not in the governments lap. If someone got hurt it would not be the governments fault but the individual company that allowed this. This is what seems to be so hard for people to understand. Common sense people. I sure don’t want to be going to the bathrooms wondering if there is some pervert in there waiting for me and I sure don’t want any small child being abducted by these people.

Linda Sue: Corporate blackmail. Paypal has offices in at least two countries that jail homosexuals if they are caught! Close those Paypal accounts. Stand up for decency in North Carolina !! …………………..Just imagine, your young daughters going into the bathroom at Carowinds with grown men inside!!

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