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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a story by staff writer Tom Joyce, reporting on the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners consideration of utlizing the UNC School of Government to help oversee developer negotiations for the former Spencer’s Property, we received these comments on our website,

joe h: Like I said earlier the town shouldn’t have bought this as they shouldn’t be in the real estate business. They bought it with no tax payers knowing it.Pretty sneaky.The need to sell the property and move on

Numanic: Well I for one am shocked!!! You mean that the commissioners can’t get it done? I can’t imagine why investors would be scared of dealing with our city? I wonder if everyone is now happy? We had a board that was actually bringing in movement. The Mount Airy news decided to create a problem so they could make money on half truths. Now we have the commissioners and mayor who are actively running off everyone. But that’s what happens when you let a bully like Tom Joyce rule you and you don’t look for facts. I vote at this point we donate the building to the fire department for training burn. Then we just have an open lot.

Trey Johnson: This does not pass the smell test.

Michael Laminsky does work at the UNC School of Government. However, over the last 13 years his primary work has been the private development of downtown communities. One of Laminsky’s companies, Greenfire Real Estate Holdings, LLC is or has owned over a million square feet in downtown Durham, as well as, in other locations.

Unless the $50,000 check is going directly to the UNC System, it would seem that Laminsky’s position with the School of Government may serve little in the way of “protection” for our community. More likely, Laminksky’s position with the School of Government serves as a bridge to his private ventures.

Regardless, Mayor Rowe is claiming that somehow bringing in Laminsky will generate “protection” as if the City is buying insurance. Though nothing in the facts would support such a claim.

Moreover, generalizations about the ineptitude of government work is incredibly discouraging when it comes directly from an elected local official. Statements like that say, “we have the wrong people for the job, and even we know it.”


In response to a story by staff writer Terri Flagg, in which she details efforts by Dobson-area school children, school officials, and others in the community raising money for a Surry Central High School students who was the victim of a hit-and-run incident, we received this comment:

War Eagle: This is an amazing story. Who would have thought that the community of people would rally around this young person with so much love and action? I am particularly impressed with all the children in the schools who set such an outstanding example of coming together to help someone in need. May God bless each and every one of them.


In response to a column by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he states he has a political identity crisis given the fact that the Republican Party no longer seems to have a core identity, we received these comments:

LindaLea: The “con man” is bringing in voters that haven’t voted in years or haven’t voted ever. They are saying “we the people” will take this country back. Establishment corruption is being called out. He is the beginning. Trump has my vote.

Bjorn Flanagan: LindaLea, Trump is just as corrupt, the only difference is that he is an outsider. The establishment deserves your anger, surely, but Donald Trump is not the answer. He is definitely not a vessel of “we the people” but a snake oil salesman who preys upon our discontent. I refuse to let him usurp my anger at the mismanagement of this country, that anger is mine and I will call out the corruption of our nation whether it be in the establishment or an outsider.

Bjorn Flanagan: If you concur with Gary Johnson on most issues, why wouldn’t you vote for him? Isn’t that the point of a representational democracy? Stop throwing out viability arguments and start having the integrity of your beliefs. We as a people need to stop with the lesser of two evils argument and actually vote our conscience. What loyalty should we have to a party that no longer represents us?

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