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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by Jeff Linville detailing the Mount Airy City Schools dual language program, we received these comments on our website,

Advocate Mt. Airy: What a great program! The dual language program gives an opportunity for students from all backgrounds to become bilingual. There are many benefits to learning more than one language. Not only does it improve a child’s understanding of his/her native language, but it opens the door to other cultures, and increases job opportunities for them down the road.

Terry Hill: What a genius way to overcome the language barrier. We get a foreign teacher and a few Mexican kids to teach our kids how to speak ‘their’ language. Problem solved!!!

joe h: They should be learning English not us learning spanish.If we were to move there we would have to learn there language

daily reader: Hmmm… The word Spanish should be capitalized, and that would be “learning THEIR language,” not “there language.” So yes, people here ought to learn English.

And, who are “they” who should learn English? In the class of 26, 20 have English as their first language and are learning Spanish. That leaves only 6 with Spanish as their first language who are learning English. The students are all learning to converse, read and write in *both* languages, in a dual language program, and the results already seem very promising. Being able to communicate in more than one language can hardly be considered a handicap, but rather the opposite. Good for Mount Airy Schools that are offering this program!

joe h: The Mexicans should learn English instead of the schools have to hire teachers to teach Spanish to americans.More money for this that could be used else where.White people are the minorities now Thanks to our goverment.America will fall one of these days because of the stupid people in Washington

daily reader: Please read the article again, and you’ll see that:

a) It is a dual language program. All the students in the class are receiving instruction in both English and Spanish.

b) It is a voluntary program. The parents of the students elected to have their children participate in the program.(And there is a waiting list!) Are you implying that the parents of the students have made the wrong choice in wanting their children to learn a second language?

c) Mount Airy City Schools, as quoted above, make a very strong case for their dual language immersion program, and for the educational benefits for all students to learn a second language.

Terry Hill: Re-read it yourself The entire class is taught in Spanish. How does one learn English in a class taught only in Spanish?

In response to a story by Tom Joyce, in which some local leaders say the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners is “broken” because of personality differences and dislikes which arose during the November election, we received these comments on

Advocate Mt. Airy: Steve Yokeley was not part of an organized coalition. Each candidate made it clear whether or not they supported the RDC plan beyond the city owned Spencer’s property. Printed materials on both sides of the issue instructed voters who they should vote for if they support or do not support the RDC plan. If Yokeley was part of a coalition for the RDC plan, the others were part of a coalition against it. Springthorpe sent out mailers to the entire South Ward in support of the anti-RDC “coalition” just days before the election. The MA News flooded the paper with anti-RDC opinion pieces and articles leading up to the election, especially against Reid, who almost beat Brinkley in a very short write-in campaign. Calling candidates who supported the RDC plan a “coalition” and not doing the same for the other side of the issue is a desperate attempt to keep stirring the pot. The bias against Yokeley is clear, and it is counterproductive….

Larry Stoneman: I notice the date on this article is Feb 10, 2016, one day prior to the next meeting. I’m reading it on Feb 11, 2016 the date of the next meeting, I think. Isn’t that a good bit of time since the last meeting? I don’t think any information in this article is after the boards last meeting. Is it possible that time is needed for things to calm down? Some bad things will go away if allowed to be forgotten. I’m sure Mayor Rowe would like for things to calm down.

Advocate Mt. Airy: They meet every other Thursday. This “broken board” discussion happened at the last meeting on February 4, 2016. The next meeting is February 18, 2016.

joe h: If yokley don’t like being on the board ,he can resign.He shouldn’t have been able to run for mayor and still being a commissioner.

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