You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

Staff writer Andy Winemiller recently reported on a ruling by the North Carolina Highway Patrol that one of their troopers striking and killing a pedestrian was an accident. In that story, he reported that Highway Patrol officials were now saying a second trooper was not involved in the Nov. 21 incident, even though officials told The Mount Airy News on the night of the incident a second trooper vehicle had been involved. We received these comments on our website,

FLYINGGAL: Could be “The Mount Airy News” misquoted! Do you believe everything they print? Geez, it’s like If you saw it on Facebook then it must be “TRUE”

Terry Hill: Then go back to Sgt Whitener and see if he has retracted his statement of a two car convoy. If there was a first patrol car that swerved to miss him then who was that and why did he not stop? Retired bricklayers lives matter!

NCreader23: “Nothing to see here, move along…..these are not the droids you are looking for” What could possibly be wrong with an organization investigating itself?

In response to a story by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reported on a public hearing held by the Mount Airy Redevelopment Commission regarding its downtown redevelopment proposal, we received the following comments on our website:

fancygap1: Gene has EVERY right to fight for his personal property rights! I saw a boatload of arrogance last night! But it wasn’t from Gene! You do understand that if Gene and the other property owners submit to this tyranny that they will have to get “permission” from the RDC to even plant a bush or a tree and have it “approved?” The “gateway” to the Spencer’s building has changed thanks to the DMV. It is now Independence Boulevard. So this fact alone makes moot and irrelevant this property grab in The West End ReDevelopment zone!

Terry Hill: So, Gene’s self-made group represents “about 60%” of 20 businesses? Wow, what a representation!

If you own a piece of property then you simply have an obligation to your neighbors to keep your property up, whether commercial or residential. I was in one of these “thriving businesses” the other day and stood at the counter and saw daylight coming through the roof! By the way, where were these ‘concerned’ property owners during this meeting or the previous meetings?

Legaleagle: Agree 100% with you Mr. Hill! Set aside the RDC plan…many of these run-down properties are dangerous! One spark from lightning or an electrical issue and that big red building with holes in its roof could be on fire and blow up the entire block. Let’s keep in mind, there is a well maintained, thriving convenience GAS station next door which would probably appreciate some action being taken. The fire department knows of the safety issues of this property…ask them about these “blighted” properties and potential hazards! If the city would “be allowed” to enforce existing codes already on the books, this discussion would not be taking place. It is amazing, that these “Gene Clark Kool-Aid drinkers” don’t understand that their properties would go up in value with this plan and may keep “their retirement” investments solvent. Oh wait, their taxes may increase if that happens. Yes, they love Mt. Airy ad want it to prosper.

Advocate Mt. Airy: Great job to the RDC on the plan. I think they made some good adjustments last night that should help once this thing gets to the Board of Commissioners. My one criticism of the RDC would be that they need to set a limit on how long and how many times a citizen is allowed to speak. Gene Clark is filled with hot air and basically hijacked the meeting for about 45 minutes. He got up to speak 3 different times. His tone was arrogant. His accusations where ridiculous, and he basically threatened to sue the city multiple times. Thank God he didn’t win in the election. His actions since Election Day say a lot about what he really serves… his giant ego. Look at the photo in this article. The faces in the background say it all. Sit down, Clark. No ones taking your property. It’s time to get this thing going already.

Legaleagle Advocate: Good points! Mr. Clark is such a motivational speaker, isn’t he?

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