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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

On a story by staff writer Terri Flagg, who wrote about a group of area residents who traveled to Durham for a Story by Kwanzaa celebration and are talking about trying to restart a local Kwanzaa celebration, we received the following comments on our website,

randy cave: i understand heritage, being of european decent, but should not these children be taught to be Ameican and moving the process forward in that direction?

daily reader: This is an area where the Scot-Irish influence on culture and music is regularly celebrated in music festivals, jam sessions, Highland games, etc., where people proudly claim Scottish heritage and wear the tartans – and no begrudges anyone for doing that. The literature used in the schools, the music programs, the history lessons all predominantly depict the American experience from a Euro-American-centric point of view, so I’d say “these children” are immersed daily. There is one secular holiday in the whole year that acknowledges and celebrates the cultural heritage of African Americans, a holiday that’s not commercialized nor foisted upon anyone who does not wish to participate in any manner. To appreciate and learn about one’s heritage ought to be valued equally, regardless of one’s geographical “point of origin.” To suggest that the children who participated in the Kwanzaa celebration need to be “taught to be American,” is, to me, a statement that leaves me wondering… Maybe next time I visit the Highland Games in Ararat I should suggest to the parents there that they need to teach their children to be American?

In response to a column by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he says he no longer finds comedian Bill Cosby given the allegations and evidence of a long pattern of sexually abusing women, we received the following comments at

Matt: Bill Cosby drugged and raped women. Tiger Woods did not. Comparing the two is wrong.

Numanic: Interesting how everyone is jumping that little point of inocent till proven guilty? Buying drugs to party was not good but, does not mean rape. It’s funny how most people who supported Shug Knight, still do. I guess murder caught on tape is ok. Many holes in all this. I will just watch for real facts.

cheryl: If there’s smoke, how is it that Bill Cosby is so bad and must be convicted of something that can’t possibly be proved after all these years yet the rapist and abuser of many women, Bill Clinton, is walking around free? I guess the he said, she said doesn’t apply in that case.

Numanic: I have wondered that same thing? In no way would I want to take up for a rapist, however there are many facts missing. Of course you are correct, how will they prove anything?

In response to a story by Terri Flagg, in which she details the reaction of a local resident, Sherri Mosely, after charges alleging she had embezzled money from a local cheerleading organization were dropped and prosecutors said the case was no closed, we received these comments:

cheryl: Sounds like there are a lot of people who owe this lady an apology. She should sue her ex and his co-workers for their part in this.

randy cave: Here in America, “Innocent until proven guilty!”

father knows best: Not in this case. It was guilty based on accusation only by social media and most everyone else

cheer supportor: I never thought for a minute that she was guilty of any wrong doing. It is a shame that all of this came about over a divorce. Shame on the accusers and you call yourselves Christians. I know how this has affected her and her children. I hope she does proceed with legal action.

Radical American Infidel: It appears that Ms Mosely has been tried and found guilty by social media. If in fact she is not guilty, I hope she does pursue civil action against her accusers. IMHO

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