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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a recent column by Associate Editor Jeff Linville in which he recounts some of the more non-traditional Christmas memories he has, we received the following comment on our website,

War Eagle: What a wonderful story Jeff. You wrote this article that kept me smiling from ear to ear. I could not help but laugh a little bit when you wrote the part about your wife locking her keys in the car while blocking three other cars in your grandmother’s drive way. I’m sure there was nothing funny about it to the others there, but most likely they are smiling about that memory after reading your article. Thank you for sharing your story. It actually caused me to think about a couple of my own.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reports about the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners declining two options proposed by developers for the former Spencer’s property downtown, we received these comments:

LindaLea: Thanks to the Mt. Airy News for keeping the public informed. The media is supposed to be a “watch dog” for the public. Printing the truth about a commission formed against the will of the people & their proposals concerning eminent domain has been a great service. Hopefully, now that is all out “in the light of day”, there can be compromises.

Numanic: All that will happen now is Mount Airy suffers. Don’t worry you will know all the “facts” according to Tom.

Numanic: Congratulations to Tom Joyce and all the people who just like to argue. Mount Airy will now begin to die like other small downtowns, I fear. Nothing will happen with this property except good ole Tom writing many articles about the political back and forth. The ultimate irony in all this is that Tom and his commissioners went dark waters over the use of an agent to purchase the Spencer’s property. That’s what started all the problems. Now the only thing they now can agree on is hiring an agent to look into things. Great work leading our community. Wonder how long before all our property values plument? How about how long before we see many empty store fronts on downtown? How long before we start losing services due to lost tax revenue? Shameful!

NCreader23: LindaLea, “against the will of the people”???? Really? When was that vote taken? I must have missed it. The “people” voted in the commissioners who act as the representatives of “the people”. The commissioners formed the commission AND authorized them to explore the best use of that area and how best to help our town for the future. That is, in reality, DOING THE WILL OF “THE PEOPLE” exactly as our constitution says it should be done.

Also: No one on that commission has EVER mentioned the use of eminent domain. That concept has not been even explored in their meetings. It would take extreme circumstances for that “power” to be used and there would be some drawn out legal battles before it would ever happen. Stop letting the alarming press stories form your opinions of what is really happening. Just because a reporter is yelling “fire” does not mean anything is burning. (Especially a MA News reporter.)

LindaLea: NCreader23, Eminent domain is included in the wording of the RDC proposal. They denied it until it was pointed out & read at a meeting

LindaLea: NCreader23: I was at all the public hearings, there were many people who spoke & only 1 spoke in favor of creating the commission.

LindaLea: Eminent domain is in the RDC proposal.

Bee: NCreader23, Just because they hadn’t mentioned eminent domain doesn’t mean it can’t be used. You’re in a case of delusional denial thinking otherwise. Why is it all you pro- beyond Spencer’s redevelopment folk say a reporter is padding the story? Does it hurt to not get your way or something? Gees you folks claim Mount Airy is being held back, yet you’re still crying over the spilled milk of that election nearly 7 weeks ago.

LindaLea Bee: They keep denying but it is written in the proposal.

In response to a story about three individuals charged with multiple drug-related offenses by Mount Airy police, we received the following comments:

Linda Sue: Should run an update on this story and let the public know if any of this charming trio even show up for court ????

randy cave: Good luck with that. The two guys get different IDs, change addresses and business as usual! I, too, want a follow up story…..

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