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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a letter to the editor by Rebecca Carter, in which she outlines her belief that the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate, and that gun violence is responsible for too many deaths in the United States, we received the following comments on our website (

No to Glenn Beck: If North Carolina’s heritage is what the battle flag means to you then you should fly the first national or second national flag of the your yard. The battle flag of Lee’s army was not the confederate state flag. In fact most every confederate state flew a different flag. If you “took a trip back to the history books” you’d read in the articles of secession, specifically South Carolina and Mississippi, direct references to slavery being the reason for secession. Jeff Davis’s vice president said the same as did many southern planter aristocracy leaders of the time. States rights yes. States rights to own slaves. You could argue that NC was forced into secession, it was the last southern state to secede after it was asked to provide troops to fight against S.C. by Lincoln. We should no longer celebrate a flag that is waved more as a provocation than as any display of heritage.

War Eagle: Rebecca, what does gun violence have to do with the article on the confederate? I seem to miss your point here.

Moonstone: All of you need to take a “trip back to the history books” because the flag you are referring to was General Lee’s battle flag for Virginia, not the actual confederate flag. In fact, it faded to near obscurity until STROM THURMOND ran for president in the late 1940s, and he adopted the flag as a symbol of his racist beliefs. This is when it came back into play. Soon after, KKK groups, white supremacists, they all adopted it. Those who believe it symbolizes their history and culture are misinformed.

Jere Cunningham: Having ancestors who fought for the south, I know that the civil war was fought for states rights. The right to own other human beings. England offered to ally with the Confederacy and break the blockade and send arms and troops. The codicil was that the south abolish slavery, as England had done decades before. The Confederacy refused to give up slavery. And was crushed. But the symbols remain.

Responding to an article by Tom Joyce, in which he detailed the fact that the Mount Airy Police Department will not hire anyone who has a tattoo, we received the following Facebook comments:

Wendy Kehley: I have one and I absolutely love it. AUTISM AWARENESS

Robin Goins I don’t like tattoos. People should have more respect for their body.

Darlene King Tate: That is your opinion Robin. No one is going to make you get one, but I have the right to have them if that’s what I want. It’s not hurting my body in any way.

Chris Redmond: I respect my body, that’s why I decorate it with respect of my loves, friends, and family. People bunch everyone that has tattoos together like we’re all the same. That’s like saying all white people are the same, all women are the same, all blondes are the same, etc. Everyone has differences and just because some of us have tattoos does not make us bad people.

Chris Redmond: Also, as bad as law enforcement pays, they shouldn’t be that picky regardless. Law enforcement should be a higher paying job, which is a whole other argument.

Peggy Tate Velazquez: Qualified people should not be turned down for a series job like with law enforcement merely because of a tattoo. There are serious problems in this country, vastly more important than a person’s self expression. If they are qualified, then they should have a chance at the job.

On a story by staff writer Eva Queen explaining the Surry County Board of Education has suspended its driver’s education program because of a potential cut in state funding, we received the following Facebook comments:

Dawn Terrell: Really ?? But u got money to feed illegal people but not put tax payers kids through drivers Ed what the heck is really going on???

Micheal Edward Sawyers: That’s just sad. I took the program I really enjoyed it

Dawn Terrell: Really my daughter goes July 13 this is crazy they cut out important things like this. At the last minute

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