More positives of Mount Airy

John Peters’ recent column (Sunday, June 28) reflected several positives about Mount Airy’s economic and general well being. This message expands on those topics.

Mount Airy has three additional economic bases beyond tourism.

1. Core City,is one of the top 100 Micropolitan Statistical Areas in the US. As such it provide Surry County and portions of adjacent counties in North Carolina and Virginia a wide variety of professional, technical, and skilled services, commercial outlets, cultural and educational opportunities, and recreational and fitness facilities and programs.

2. Retirement and other Relocation Destination. It is one of a very limited number of NC municipalities designated by the state as an official NC Retirement Destination.

3. Niche Industry. Mount Airy has a wide variety of manufacturing and manufacturing related facilities that fit well with the resources and location of the community.

Mount Airy has over 1,500 for-profit businesses employing one or more employees within the city limits and within three miles of the city limits, the Mount Airy Economic Synergy District. In addition it has a wide variety of federal, state, county, and municipal governmental operations that employ a significant number of employees. And there are also a number of non-profit organizations within the community employing one or more employees.

The Mount Airy City government provides a very wide variety of excellent public services and facilities that enhance living and working in the community. These include the services of a first class nature from the fire, parks and recreation, police, and public works departments, through the dedication of highly qualified department heads and employees, under the direction of a dedicated, professional city manager. Mount airy has a unique landscaping crew that adds natural beauty through the landscaping of all municipal property, including the only municipal government campus in the state, as well as a variety of major, minor, and mini parks throughout the city, plus the traffic islands in the municipal street system. Major and minor parks, soon to be three steamside fitness greenways, and a comprehensive recreation and fitness center provide venues for formal and informal recreation and fitness activities.

Mount Airy has a large variety of excellent non-profit organizations including, but not limited to the United Fund of Surry, Surry Arts Council, Mount Airy Museum of Regional History, the Family Resource Center, and the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce that enhance the quality of life and contribute to the healthy economy of the community.

All in all, Mount Airy provides a quality of life to be envied by communities twice or more its population in North Carolina.

Peter Lyden

Mount Airy

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