Downtown restrooms closed?

To the Editor,

On Saturday evening, Nov. 2, I attended the Dailey and Vincent show at the Earle Theater, sponsored by the Surry Arts Council.

At the end of the show, 9 p.m., a lot of fans, myself included, needed to use the restrooms on Main Street, and they were locked. The out of town visitors were very upset, as was I, for not being able to have access to a rest area just a few feet down the street from the Theater, a well lit area and early evening. With hundreds of visitors and locals in town to enjoy a very popular band, I was very upset and embarrassed. One man, from out of town, suggested it was a shame. I apologized and agreed with him.

I live here in the city, pay a lot of taxes to help support such wants and keeping the restrooms open during these programs and shows at the Earle Theatre. The tickets were not cheap either. Maybe the city commissioners should give the arts council another million dollars to over this issue.

Violet Hill

Mount Airy