Citizens group makes name correction

To the editor,

On September 20, 2018, I made a presentation, on behalf of the Citizens for Transparency, to the City Council to offer our group’s suggestions to improve the City’s position vis-à-vis the proposed Barter/Hotel development plan.

In that presentation, we included a statement regarding the local business leaders involved in the evolution and development of that plan. The next day, the local newspaper asked for the identities of those individuals. Based on information we had received earlier from several Barter officials, we shared the names of the individuals we had been given.

We have since been advised that that information was inaccurate. Accordingly, we would like to apologize to Mr. Gene Rees for including him in that group. Gene has advised me that he was not involved in an initial visit with Barter Theatre representatives; so we need to set the record straight.

We have now been advised from two sources that actually Tom Webb (a former member of the Redevelopment Commission, or RDC) and the Hotel developer, were part of the initial group who visited the Barter.

I want to thank Gene Rees for helping us set the record straight; and I want to assure the public that when we get it wrong, we will be the first to acknowledge our error.


Gene Clark

Mount Airy