Democratic Party official questions News

To the Editor,

On Thursday, Sept. 20, the Democratic Party sponsored a Women’s Forum that recognized some women leaders of Surry County. Highlighted as guest speaker was Alex Sink, a Surry County native who has been a leader not only here but in other states. Other women leaders both past and present gave inspiring comments about the contributions of leaders in our community.

I and the other guests found it to be an invaluable meeting so with much disappointment we don’t understand why the Mount Airy News would not address it in their news.

Many more could have benefited if it had been covered. I hope the newspaper doesn’t pick and choose by choice what is covered or is only out for an advertising dollar. I think there is ample room in the paper for all sides of the news and in the future will have room to cover the celebration of women achievements.

Anita Greene

Mount Airy

Editor’s Note: As we explained to organizers prior to the Sept. 20 gathering, The Mount Airy News typically does not cover strictly partisan events sponsored by political parties, particularly during an election season. Thus, the paper did not cover this event, which according to its organizers only considered for recognition women affiliated with or working for the Democratic Party. Our invitation for the organizers to submit photos and a summary of the event as community news remains open.