Reader: Radio should broadcast ‘futball’

To the Editor,

This is an opinion about staying relevant.

In the Wednesday Sept. 26 edition, the article “Historic football game to be re-aired,” informed us WSYD and WPAQ listeners, that a championship football game was to be replayed on Friday night. While I know that reliving past glories is probably a good way to play to the base of those stations listeners, it seems to me they are missing an opportunity to cultivate a new crop.

Mount Airy nor East Surry have a football game this week. But, there is an up and coming sport called “Soccer,” that is scheduled to be played (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise), at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, between those two teams. Local sports coverage is a great way to increase listener-ship, and I know, that I personally use businesses that support such broadcasts and our sports teams with ads at the games.

I am also sure that there are students in the area that would like the opportunity to learn about careers in radio, that have knowledge of the players and various sports, that would be willing to commentate. This is an opportunity for all sports to get exposure. So, why not take the opportunity to cover some Friday night futbol?

Bradley Watson

Pilot Mountain