Stop lights needed, signs don’t work

To the Editor,

Former police chief Leo Shores warned the city council 20 years ago, “Stoplights don’t prevent accidents. They just change the type of accident that occurs,” (Road safety takes more than gadgets, Mount Airy News, Sept. 27).

As time goes by and drivers’ ideas change about how they want to drive, not how they should drive, the stop sign has only become decorations at intersections or the end of a road, street, that seems to only tell drivers to change directions. Stopping seems to be a choice, not the law. When was the last time you heard of someone getting a ticket for running a stop sign?

Every day I see people only slowing down (or not) for a stop sign only because they can’t make the turn at full speed. It happens everywhere. But there are some places where it happens all the time. Even several cars in a row.

I am not saying I am a perfect driver, but I would like to be sure as I approach an intersection others will stop.

People with cell phones in one hand are to busy to stop, give a signal (which is also becoming rare) or even care if anyone else is on the road.

Auto makers should reduce the cost of cars by eliminating the signal switch and 3 of the 4 brake pads, since they don’t want to stop between point A and B. Don’t need a lot to only stop once per trip.

More stop signs and less stop lights may increase accidents with the way people drive today. It’s just too time consuming to stop for a few seconds to keep yourself and others safe.

Mike Hiatt

Mount Airy