Route 601 median bad idea?

To the Editor,

I have read the stories in Mount Airy News that the city wants to replace the current center turn lane with a cement median to cut down the accidents on Hwy. 601 going from Forest Drive at Burger King to the Hwy 52 intersection.

They don’t want it to be convenient for us to be able to make a left hand turn to businesses like Advance Auto, Simmons Nissan, Scenic Ford, Cracker Barrel and Wendy’s. There will be a few places with a turn lane for us to make a U-turn and backtract to the business we need to go. Does that mean for Cracker Barrel we will go down to the traffic light at the Hwy52 and Hwy 601 interchange and be able to do a u-turn?

Instead of spending millions and making things worse maybe there would be fewer accidents if the 35 mph speed limit was enforced. It is not unusual to see vehicles going 45 mph and up. I think it is a better idea to try to enforce the law at no additional cost to the tax payers. If that does not work after six months or a year we can explore other solutions. It would also help if the directional signals on the steering column was used for all turns, not just at street intersections.

I stopped in King last week around 3-4 p.m. They have these cement medians instead of the turn lane they removed. We came off northbound 52 and were going to Bojangles. No, we could not make the left turn in front of Bojangle’s like we used to do. We had to go up the street, to the traffic light so we could make the u-turn to get some chicken. What an inconvenience!

And they just put a Walmart at the light which has added to the problem. Everyone who is traveling up or down Hwy 52 should stop in King and get a look at what Hwy 601 will look like if the city goes ahead with this ridiculous solution. Let them know how you feel about this new plan.

Fred Marchi

Mount Airy