Reader offers thanks to Mount Airy

To the Editor,

Several months ago, I decided I would love for a few of my Vietnam veteran friends to come and visit with me in Mount Airy, being four of them live within 200 miles of here. Therefore, I was expecting about eight people total. Little did I know that when the day of arrival came, over 50 would show up to begin a weekend of fun in Mayberry!

I moved here myself two years ago, and I’m thinking they all came to find out why — and they did. They traveled from New York to Florida, and as far west as Texas and Nebraska. Seven families traveled from Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

I have so many people here in Mount Airy to thank for the success of this Bravo Company reunion.

Bill Colvard, of the Mount Airy News, took the time to do two exclusive interviews with photos—-one being before the arrival, and one afterwards. Talley’s Frame Shop on Main Street, Mount Airy, matted and framed the first article and displayed it in his showroom window.

Darrell and Debbie Miles, at Mayberry On Main, set up a display inside their place of business honoring the vets, as well well as hanging our Screaming Eagle banner on their storefront. Tanya Jones of the Surry Arts Council welcomed them on the digital sign in front of the Andy Griffith Museum. Bear Creek Gift and Fudge Factory on Main Street donated gift bags of fudge and candy to the arriving guest.

The list of of friendly gestures up and down Main Street, shown to Bravo Company, was magnified in every place of business.

The employees at the Hampton Inn , where everyone stayed, made everyone feel like being at home — meeting the needs of each and every guest. They also allowed us to use their lobby/breakfast area as our hospitality/meeting area.

The restaurants and eating establishments amazed everyone — nobody went hungry! The music at the amphitheater and classic car cruise in was icing on the cake.

On behalf of Bravo Company 3/506 Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, we would like to say—thank you Mount Airy!

Ben Currin

Mount Airy