Spiritual eyesight

Rev. Tim Burton

Some years ago I went for my yearly eye examination. The doctor said, “Let me take a look at your close-up vision because you are getting older.” I told him, “I was having no problems with my close-up vision.” I left the office and began to notice that when I tried to do some close up work that things were a bit fuzzy. I had learned to compensate for my inability to see up close and therefore did not realize I did have a vision problem.

This is the same problem that some many of us have with our spiritual vision. We have learned to make compensation for our lack of spiritual vision and therefore declare there is nothing wrong. We read in the scriptures, “Where there is no vision the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18.

Let us look at four examples of vision problems we see in the Bible and examine our own spiritual eyesight to see if we too are having issues is any of these areas.

Example one is a man named Sampson found in Judges 13-16. He was a man who was always looking for greater blessings and failed to see the blessings God had placed in his life. God had blessed him to do mighty things and so many times he used those powers for his own benefit instead of serving the Lord faithfully.

We often do the same thing we look for something bigger or better when God has put great blessings right in front of us to use to bring Him honor and praise. We should take time to look at the blessings right in front of our eyes.

Example two is one we know as the rich man found in Luke 16. He was a man so wrapped up in self-gratification that he failed to see the opportunities to serve others. Lazarus lay at his gate according to Luke 16:21 and ate the crumbs that fell from his table and yet the rich man never reached out to help him.

We live in such a “me” focused generation that we, even as Christians, fail to recognize an opportunity to help make a difference in the life of someone God has placed in our path of daily living. We should be sensitive to those opportunities to serve others.

Example three is the disciples when Jesus took them to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. They did not see the necessity of prayer. They did not realize the storm that was about to arise in their lives and therefore they decided to sleep rather than pray.

We seem to live in a day where we don’t see the need to pray until the storm has blasted our lives. We should seek to pray regularly and faithfully so when the storms hit we are already connected to the source of power.

Example four is Lot found in Genesis 19. He failed to see the need to set a godly example for his family. He chose to follow the ways of the world instead of the ways of God. He was concerned with giving his family the best things of the world and failed to give them the things that were most important, a walk with God.

We live in a world where parents place more importance on making money, buying things and playing sports rather than teaching the children to be faithful to the Lord. We should be striving to set the godly examples for our children.

I went back to my eye doctor and got bifocals to correct my physical vision. We have looked at four examples where we Christians have trouble with our spiritual eyesight (there are many more we could look at). If you are having spiritual vision problems in these or other areas, then come to Dr. Jesus and ask for clearer spiritual eyesight and He will bring real correction.


Rev. Tim Burton

Rev. Tim Burton is minister of Flippin Memorial Baptist Church.

Rev. Tim Burton is minister of Flippin Memorial Baptist Church.