Democrats using our teachers

To the editor,

It is time to school our teachers.

Are they seduced that easily by liberal organizers who find them useful pawns in advancing their own political agenda?

Case in point. Every teacher who left the classroom this year to march in Raleigh broke the law. Administrators who knowingly facilitated their absence to do so became co-conspirators, along with every other person who helped to organize it. NC General Statute § 95-98 forbids collective bargaining by all public employees, including teachers. Strikes, walkouts and even work slowdowns are expressly prohibited by it. Actually, our Legislators would be breaking the law by negotiating anything with such a group or their representatives, according to that statute.

In spite of the law, both the NCAE and a cover group known as “Red4EdNC” are planning a week-long teacher strike in October just prior to the Fall elections for the expressed purpose of using those teachers to canvass neighborhoods to register voters. Their websites make it clear that they intend to apply pressure after the election on the new Legislature to meet their demands on various issues despite that being an illegal act.

When you connect the dots, it is readily apparent that two efforts share a common goal – gaining a Democrat majority in one or both houses of the Legislature this Fall and then lobbying them in the new session next year. Teachers can hand the Democrats a victory this Fall only to find out – ooops, we can’t really engage in collective bargaining with the General Assembly after all, but thanks for giving us back control over the Legislature.

It’s not about teachers and it’s certainly not about improving the education of our children. This is just liberal politics at its worst, and far too few of our teachers are educated to see it for what it is.

Linda Dollyhigh

Mount Airy