Mark chapter 5: Action and results

By John Pulliam
John Pulliam -

In last week’s column, we examined how Jairus and the woman with the issue of blood had pursued the Lord with purpose to get help in their dire situations.

Jairus’ 12-year-old daughter was at home at the point of death, and the woman had been sick for 12 years, quite possibly nearing the point of death herself. Both of these people reached out to Jesus in faith, knowing that he could change their situation, when no one else could. Both of them reached out with a confident expectation that Jesus would help them and they would have the results that they each desired.

Jairus was a high-ranking religious official, no doubt with upper-class social status, and the woman was not even identified by name and was of the lowest social status in that day. In fact, she could have been killed on the spot for merely being out in public in her physical condition. The culture was at that time if she came out she had to announce herself unclean and avoid touching anyone. These two people represented either end of the social spectrum, and I believe this is on purpose because the Lord wants us to know that His help is equally available to everyone. It is by our faith, not our social status that we get results.

We pick up in verse 28 where the woman declared that she would be healed if she could merely touch Jesus’ clothes. Verse 29 tells us that as soon as she did, her condition changed and that she knew in her body that she was healed of that plague. She got what she requested from the Lord, her healing miracle. She believed, pursued, and received. Jesus was not looking for her, she was looking for him. She did not wait for Jesus to come by our house, she reached out to him.

As believers, this is the action part of our faith that is necessary to receive what we desire from the Lord. Christians, I cannot express this point strongly enough. There are spiritual laws in place for the believer to correct negative things that arise in our lives. Jesus told many people who came to him seeking help that their faith in Him produced their desires. Psalm 37:4 tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart; we need to live like we believe this and act accordingly.

Too many believers are praying faithless prayers, not knowing God’s great love for them and His strong desire to help them. God has provided a system for us to access His power into our lives, but we have to follow it. Hoping God will help you, but thinking that He might not is a zero faith prayer, and do not expect it to be answered. In fact, it is an open door for the enemy to come in and do the exact opposite of that prayer, and then blame it on God.

Hosea 4:6 declares God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and we see this happening to heaven bound Christians every day. It is sad, and it is not God’s will. Jesus said in Mark 11:23 that we can have what we say, but the problem is we are saying what we have. In fact in verse 36 of Mark 5, Jesus had to keep Jairus’ faith on track when the report that his daughter had died came from the house. Jesus had to keep him from accepting the bad report, and keeping his focus on the healing that he was believing for.

It works the same for us today. We have to stay focused on our faith, knowing God loves us and will help us to get our desired result, as we stay connected with Him.

Three people in Mark 5 connected with the Lord by faith, and they all got life-changing glorious results. The maniac got healed and went on to live a prosperous life; the woman got healed and was able to have a much better life; and Jairus’ daughter was healed, and they had a much better life. I submit to you today that the Lord’s desire is to help you so that you can have a better life.

John Pulliam Pulliam

By John Pulliam