What did Jesus do?

By John Pulliam
John Pulliam -

Mark Chapter 5; What Did Jesus Do?

The Lord’s character is clearly displayed in all 4 of the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John. In Mark chapter 5, Jesus encounters 3 people who are dealing with extremely difficult life circumstances, even to the point of life and death.

The first man that Jesus met, the Bible describes him as having his dwelling in the tombs and no one could subdue him anymore, not even with chains. This man was possessed, or oppressed, or controlled by several unclean spirits. His condition sounds like addiction or a self-harm mental illness of today.

The Bible says the man was crying, cutting himself with stones as a result of the influence of the unclean spirits. The man did muster up enough of himself to run to Jesus for help, as we see in verse 6. In verse 7 the spirits took back over and spoke to Jesus.

I look forward to talking to this man when I get to heaven. He was in extreme bondage and probably hopeless, but when he saw Jesus, he got a glimpse of hope and he desperately ran to Him. That last ditch effort for help that he made paid off. Jesus freed him from the spiritual bondage that was controlling his life. That man was suffering through life miserable and isolated, with no hope for change or a better future. No one had been able to help him.

I imagine the local religious people tried to talk to him, but to no avail. Everyone had given up on him. The man was pitiful. But Jesus came and gave him a new life. In verse 15 we see that he was sitting with Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. What a change! The Lord made this same change in my life 9 years ago, and as an addiction/mental health counselor and pastor, I have the privilege of witnessing Him doing the same work for people today.

In verse 18, the healed man wanted to go with Jesus on his journey, but the Lord had bigger plans for him. He told that man to go back to his home and to his friends, those people who had seen him decline to his worst condition, and tell them how the Lord had changed his life. In fact, Jesus told him to “tell them how great things the Lord has done for thee, and has had compassion on thee.”

Jesus knew that people needed to see real results, and when they did they would believe and follow Him. I submit to you that Jesus desires to do the same thing today, which is showing Himself real and doing great things in our lives.

That man, even in his worst condition, connected with Jesus on purpose and asked for help. Jesus promised in John 14 and several other places in Scripture that if we would ask, He would always help us. He said if we would ask, we would receive, seek and find, knock and it would be opened to us.

Our situations may not be changing because we are not asking and seeking and knocking. Or when the Lord tells us to do something, we do not do it. Jesus told the healed man to go home and tell people, and in verse 20 we see that he began to publish in Decapolis (Ten cities) the great things Jesus had done for him.

I believe he had to publish it in written form so he could get the word to everyone in those 10 cities, and I believe he achieved a level of notoriety and respect and comfortable lifestyle that he enjoyed throughout the remainder of his life. Jesus transformed him from misery and torment, to peace, joy, and prosperity. Yes, that is definitely the Lord’s character. I am looking forward to talking to the healed man of Decapolis when I get to heaven.

John Pulliam
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By John Pulliam