Make your voice known

Tuesday is Primary Day, when voters will have the opportunity to go to the polls and select the GOP and Democratic party nominees — and in a couple of cases Libertarian Party nominees — who will square off in November for various local and state seats.

In reality, Tuesday is election day for at least two of the positions, given that some of them have just one party with a candidate, or candidates, who filed to run for office.

No one has filed to run as a Democrat, Libertarian, or independent for the Mount Airy and Central District seats on the Surry County Board of Commissioners. Tuesday’s GOP primary for those two seats will, in fact, choose who will hold those posts for the next four year.

Even with the seats that will be contested in the fall, Tuesday’s vote is important. The primary whittles the field down to just two candidates in most instances, three for a couple of the state offices, thus limiting your choices for who will ultimately win in November.

Some voters in Surry County have already cast their ballots, taking advantage of the early voting period. We say good for them. But the vast majority of folks living in the county have yet to vote.

We say this nearly every election, but we urge you to cast a ballot. We so often hear people complain about elected leadership, about folks in office being unethical, or out-of-touch with the people they represent (though, for the most part, that’s not an issue locally, because we believe the vast majority of individuals holding elected office within the borders of Surry County do it right, and for the right reasons).

Whether you believe those in office are doing a great job, or they’re doing an awful job, ultimately the blame, or credit, goes not as much to the people holding those seats as to the people who put them there.

Or perhaps more accurately, allowed them to take office by not casting a ballot.

Don’t be one of those folks. On Tuesday, exercise your right to choose who will be serving residents of Surry County. Go to the polls and vote.