Reader calls headline misleading

To the Editor,

An article last week highlighted correspondence from the development group to the city and the headline stated ‘developer turns up the heat,’ (Hotel Developer Turns Up Heat, April 6). Having read Ms. Bryson’s entire 3/30 email to the city commissioners I must state that the headline was misleading and negative.

Ms. Bryson’s email was detailed, involved an environmental scan of current (and declining) occupancy rates, the need for an event generator and specified the investors’ research (and patience) over the past three years. I understand the investors’ position. With the negativity, lack of consensus and the expiring tax credits, it makes perfect sense for her partners to ask for a clear and final decision before May 1.

Headlines are often misleading and are slanted to sell papers or get readers to delve into the article. So when the paper is hiring next, I’d apply for the ‘headline writer’ position, but for now may I suggest that the headline should have read: “Investors tell City – Poop or get off the pot.” And I agree and support the Barter Theater partnership 100 percent.

Bert Wood

Mount Airy