Encore for ‘Shadow of the Mountain?’

To the Editor,

Last weekend Mount Airy citizens were privileged to attend an outstanding musical at the Surry Arts Council.

John Adams, a creative genius, wrote and directed “In the Shadow of the Mountain.” From the first scene to the last, the audience was mesmerized by the music and the message that emphasized the split in America existing today as a result of the Civil War.

The songs, “Close Your Eyes (And See)” and “You’ll Never Hear The End Of This” are echoing in my mind a week later. All sides of the issues of race and ideology that have divided Americans were presented in a thoughtful and relevant way through the acting and the music.

Congratulations to the Surry Arts Council, John Adams, the orchestra, and the actors. May we have an encore of this wonderful play?

Martha Rowe Vaughn

Mount Airy