Barter’s past preview of future?

To the Editor,

Being a native of Mount Airy, I have followed the possible addition of the Batter Theatre to the town. With the very real possibility of a substantial increase to the town’s tax rates to fund this project, I think that the past financial performance of the Batter Theatre should be considered.

After reviewing the Barter’s federal tax returns for the past four years I believe that the town should look are these facts.

Barter Foundation, IRS Form 990 (source, Line 19 Revenue less expenses:

2013 minus $861,000

2014 minus $1,054,000

2015 minus $1,148,000

2016 plus $7,000

With losses averaging over a million dollars per year for three of the last four years and a fourth year with a profit of only $7,000, is the Batter a good partner for Mount Airy?

Mike Forrest

Wytheville, Virginia