Time for Congress to act on guns

To the Editor,

Here we are again. Reeling from another national tragedy that has cut short the lives of an unacceptable number of people.

It should bother everyone that the headlines read “Worse School Shooting Since Sandy Hook.” Not just because there have been other school shootings in the past five years, but because it states unequivocally that our nation has done nothing at all to stop it from happening.

Although I truly believe that violent use of guns in our country concerns every member of Congress and that their hearts ache every time we hear about anyone dying violently and tragically – especially children. Yet, all we really see and hear from these elected officials are “Thoughts and Prayers.”

Therefore, I have only one question for members of Congress and especially for Representative Foxx and Senators Burr and Tillis

What specific outcome do you and the rest of Congress expect from all your “Thinking and Praying?”

For myself, I am thinking and praying for the following:

I am thinking that our members of Congress lack courage to truly address the gun violence as well as the mental health issues that are impacting American lives and well-being.

I am praying that during the next election that Americans will elect representatives and senators who will take this issue seriously and are willing to challenge the status quo of doing nothing.

So please Congress, after you are done thinking and praying, please take some real action to address this issue.

David Petri

Mount Airy