Barter would be boon to city

To the editor,

I am sorry that I was unable to attend the public meeting to support the possible expansion of the Barter Theatre to downtown Mount airy.

Growing up in Mount Airy during the forties and fifties, I never dreamed that I would ever see tour buses coming from all parts of the country to my town; but it is happening every day. Many towns our size have closed doors and boarded up windows. Because we had some visionary people who took advantage of our assets and promoted the tourism idea, we have an exciting and thriving town. Many thanks to those people.

I complement our current leaders who have continued to support the most important economic asset we have – tourism. Our commissioners have built and improved parking lots, supported the development of Market Street, supplied the whittling wall, and provided resources for many other worthwhile projects – most important the development of the Spencer property. Now we have the opportunity to add one of the most important theatres in the country to our town. I feel confident that we have progressive and visionary leaders who will see the longtime benefits of having this theatre added to our community.

As we are proud of the success of the Autumn Leaves Festival and the tour buses coming to town, I believe we will look back and be especially proud of the development of the Spencer property – including the Barter Theatre.

Jim Reeves

Mount Airy