Writer alleges newspaper bias

To the Editor,

My family is a 6 day subscriber of The Mount Airy News. One thing in particular that I enjoy is reading about local community events that are far reaching in its content, thus making it a good read. In fact, the newspaper seems to really be on top of things when they post last year’s photo for a current event as the festivity is either in the near future or later that same day, which would make it impossible to feature an actual current photo relating to the event. I may also add that all these interest stories generally make the front page.

Bearing the above in mind, you may be able to appreciate my deep disappointment in reading 11/29/2017 edition of The Mount Airy News article on page 5A entitled “GOP Party sees record fundraiser” . The feature never mentioned that this dinner was November 9. Could it be that one would wonder why it took almost 3 weeks to publish this news? Also, no newspaper writer took credit for the article. I found that very unusual.

Four hundred tickets were sold for this event (two were held back and raffled off during the dinner to add excitement to the event and raise additional money). More tickets could have actually been sold, but organizers of the event wanted to keep with the original plan of the fundraiser. The dinner had several hundred people in attendance. Based on The Mount Airy News reader experience, this should have been real news for you to publish in a timely manner

I am well aware of the fact that Mount Airy news reporters and the editor were contacted before and after this event by multiple party representatives. Dozens of Surry County Republicans who organized this record-setting event are wondering about the coverage your paper provided. These dozens represent hundreds of party faithful who participated in the event and who have thousands of friends and family, and all are readers or potential readers of the paper. If you want to attract a broader subscription base, I suggest that you restrain from any political bias and present the news in a fair manner.

Ginny Forestieri


Editor’s Note: A member of the Surry County GOP did contact the Mount Airy News prior to the event. Because of previous commitments, we explained to him we would not be covering the event, but as is our custom for local clubs and non-profit organizations, we would be most happy to publish some photos and information about the gathering if someone from the club would provide that to us.

The Mount Airy News did not receive the requested material until Friday, Nov. 24. The material was published online at mtairynews.com on Sunday, Nov. 26, and in print on Tuesday, Nov. 28. There was no byline attached to the story because a staffer at The Mount Airy News did not write the article. The story was taken from notes provided by the GOP. This is a common practice at not only The Mount Airy News but at newspapers in general.

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