The Hollywood religion

Clyde Dupin

Clyde Dupin

True Christian faith is seldom welcome in movies or TV shows. When you examine what most influential actors and directors believe about God you can understand the absence of real Christianity. Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse is an example of many producers.

Many of the leading entertainers are religious but not disciples of Jesus Christ. They have the passion of an evangelist for religion but no interest in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a religious void of a commitment to the Bible and a Christian lifestyle. Most of them are evangelists for New Age religions.

The most powerful television evangelist in the world was Oprah Winfrey. She spread her religion to far more people than any preacher on the planet. She is an entertaining, charming, warm liberal and has many wonderful words of advice. The big problem is many people are taken in by her charm and accept her liberal teachings.

One tragic statement Oprah has made is, “One of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe there is only one way. Actually, there are many divine paths leading to what you call God.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father but by me.”

John Travolta is a believer in the false religion called Scientology. Bruce Willis states, “I choose not to interpret the Bible literally.” George Lucas said, “I try to awaken a belief in God, but not a belief in any particular religious system.” Those who listen to most of what Hollywood says will be more confused and find their life has little meaning and no direction or purpose.

There are exceptions in Hollywood like Pat Boone and a few others but not many.

Dr. Clyde Dupin, is a traveling evengelist. He serves as president and evangelist, Clyde Dupin Ministries, in Kernersville.

Clyde Dupin Dupin

Clyde Dupin

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